Beyond reality.

It is impossible to see or read the works of the Spanish surrealist painter-writer Remedios Varo (1913-1963) without reflecting on the words that Andre Breton wrote in his first Surrealist Manifesto:

“The marvelous is always beautiful”

The people in Varo’s paintings are seeking a spiritual dimension, similar to the spirituality the artist herself sought during her life. Varo studied different mystical disciplines metaphysical texts. Her unpublished notebooks contain Arabic names and Islamic references. Varo explored the ideas of Gurdjieff,Blavatsky, Eckhart, Ouspensky, The Sufies, Freud and Jung. Medieval Alchemy, sacred geometry. the legends of the Holy Grail,and the I Ching, Gregorian chants, the paintings of Hyeronimous Bosch, and the novels of Hermann Hesse, were all vehicles of spiritual growth for the painter and her work.






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